Introducing: Amber Jay – The House

Today, British artist Amber Jay releases her debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought, including lead single The House, an psychologically driven piece of pop. Definitely intriguing and moving. The mysterious intro creates immediately a moody atmosphere. Amber’s vocals are combined with thoughtful lyricism. The instrumental has creative melodies, strong rhythms, electronic elements, and brilliant guitar work.

Amber comments:The House is a menacing, raw and psychological track about a mutual understanding with someone who is going through something you’ve experienced. It explores the idea of being caught in a crossroads, when you have to decide whether to continue to live in a way in which is to please others but pains yourself and confronts the discomfort of admitting the truth. It’s also about lust and giving into feeling something so strongly that even if it was just a temporary interaction, you believe it is so right you’d give up everything just for that one experience.”

Check out The House below!