Introducing: Love Level – Why You Left

Australian indie/electro-pop duo Love Level release new single Why You Left, the third and final lead single off their upcoming debut EP. It’s dreamy and emotionally driven music. Soaring vocals are infused with an arrangement of creative melodies. The chorus on this one is unique, great in sound. Love Level’s lyrics are based on an intriguing story.

As Aimee & Juliana delve into the creative process of the song for us, we discover just how emotional and close to the heart this song really is… “Writing Why You Left was a super personal experience for us. There were so many emotions and feelings we both had, and both wanted to express that when we came together to write, the song just fell into place so fast. We brought the song to our producer, Callum MacDonald of daste., and practically finished it in one session.

With an EP on the horizon, Aimee & Juliana are a duo to watch out for in the (near) future. Listen to Why You Left below!