Introducing: Rosalie – Hologram Refracted

Singer/songwriter Rosalie shares the alt version of her latest pop single Hologram. It’s mellow, yet very expressive. Strong lyrics are backed by classical/cinematic instrumentation, which results in something distinctive. Hologram Refracted has so much character, packed with soul.

Rosalie comments: Hologram is about getting out of a toxic relationship I was misled into and that I truly believed was love. It’s about finding out who the person really was and who they wanted me to believe they were. It’s about being intentionally manipulated into a relationship so I could be used. It’s about being deliberately painted into an intricate and elaborate story of love and humanity that seemed and felt so very real, and then learning it wasn’t at all. Like a hologram.”

Did you know Hologram Refracted is produced by Rosalie herself? She makes music that’s compelling. Listen below!