Introducing: ELUNIA – Soak

New Hampshire hailing artist ​ELUNIA​ drops her sophomore single Soak. She combines distinctive vocals with ethereal textures and nostalgic synth sounds to create a unique atmosphere. The dreamy verses leading into a soaring chorus. The lyrics are personal, adding an extra dimension to the music. ELUNIA writes like no one else, she’s super inspiring.

Soak came about in the morning after a concert, just as the euphoria was fading. I had felt so alone for so long while struggling with anxiety and isolation caused by bullying and exclusion over the years, and I suddenly felt like someone had injected life into me. I had discovered this secret, special world of music that only I could know, only I could experience where I felt like I actually existed and mattered. It was a world that gave me highs without chemicals, while others felt like they needed substances and destructive habits to achieve that same feeling. I would desperately hold onto those moments and make them last as long as possible, and though that helped me cope, there was a part of me that knew I was idealizing the people I encountered and the experiences I had. I wrote Soak as a way to preserve those moments trying to hold onto positive memories before they slipped away and reality flooded back in.”

Excellent alt-pop song. It was produced by ELUNIA and refined by multi-million streamed producer ​JMAC (​Luz​, ​Matilda​ ​Mann​, ​Haux, Rosie​ ​Carney). Listen below!