Introducing: Carla Stark – Short skirt. No bra.

French-Algerian singer/songwriter Carla Stark drops her EP C.. One of the new songs is titled Short skirt. No bra.. Crisp vocals drift over a funky pop production. The melodic-driven verses leading to a strong chorus. The song’s lyrics are in both English and French, because of its international relevance.

Carla comments: ”A little while ago in France there was this debate about girls having to wear a “republican outfit” at school, because crop tops were considered too much. That pushed a button for me, to think that in 2020, when so much progress seems to be made on so many subjects, these kind of debates could still happen. And so this song poured out of me! But I didn’t want to write it in an angry way, or a political way, I wanted it to be fun and light because that’s how we should be able to be when we think about what to wear.”

Listen below!