Introducing: The Sewing Club – Trying

Looking for some great music? I’d like to introduce you to the Rock band The Sewing Club. Their new single Trying was released last Friday. While the sound is dreamy, it also has power. The composition includes a series of great changes. Throughout the song, rich vocals soar above unique instrumentation. The Sewing Club’s leaves a lasting impression.

Trying was written by lead singer Hannah McElroy after struggling with you transition of moving from Tianjin, China to Nashville, TN for university. It’s difficult differentiating between what your parents believe versus what you believe and it can be hard dismantling beliefs and values you have carried your hole life, but you have to try your best! That’s the core message of this song.

Trying has got to be added to your playlist. It’s one of the most outstanding music productions of the past few months. Listen below!