Introducing: Alessia Labate x Riviera – Conversations with Myself

Italian artist Alessia Labate has been releasing quality music since 2019. With new single, Conversations with Myself, featuring production duo Riviera, she proves again how creative she is. Rich vocals flow smoothly over a well-crafted pop instrumental. You don’t want to miss the chorus, as it’ll make you want to sing along. Like expected, the lyrics are thoughtful. A music video accompanies the song.

Alessia says the following regarding Conversations with Myself: ”The song is about my inner dialogue and the way I’m working towards making it positive. Loving myself is so important and it doesn’t always come easy, it’s a lot of work.”

This energetic piece of music contains a lot of distinctive elements. The production value is very high, and the sound remains fantastic. Check out Conversations with Myself below!