Introducing: Tessa Violet x lovelytheband – Games

Credit: Natasha Tilly

Artist and songwriter Tessa Violet’s latest release, Games, which features L.A. indie rock outfit lovelytheband, captures a style of music that’s completely different. Vocals are prominent throughout. They flow over an Indie Pop influenced instrumental. I’m so amazed by how the melodies are creatively built, super intriguing.

The story is well-expressed in the visual. On the song, Tessa describes, “Being cheated on is crazy making. You’re suspicious but then your suspicion is dismissed and you start to question your own sense of reality. Games for me is about the tension of suspecting something is up but being paralyzed because it doesn’t feel good to call someone a liar.”

Tessa is one of those musicians who consistently provides quality music. It’s easy to see why songs like Games receive high praise. Check it out below!