Introducing: ellie d. – Miss You

LA native ellie d. presents her newest single, Miss You, which has emotional undertones. You can hear that the vocals are crystal clear, and convey a genuine story. The lyrical content is impressive, containing thoughtful lines. In this song, there’s an amazing guitar melody and beat. Each of these factors contributes to the depth of the music.

ellie d. explains, “I wrote this song one night a week or so after an intense relationship suddenly ended. This was a product of my shock and disbelief in the moment. I sent a demo to my producer immediately. When he sent back the first pass, I teared up. Music is such a cathartic process for me. This song is closure for me. One minute you are heartbroken, crying in bed for the 3rd night in a row, and the next minute you have forgotten what that pain even felt like, no longer making excuses for that person to contact you. I hope listeners feel their own sense of closure and understanding, no matter what they lost.”

I think Miss You will gain a lot of success. Fantastic work from ellie again, definitely worth checking out. Listen to the song below, and add it to your playlist at the same time!