Introducing: margø – fool

margø is a Canadian artist who makes pop and rock influenced music. A lot of work went into the production of her new single, fool. It begins mellow, but then becomes energetic with a chorus that’s gritty and energetic. Each section has its own focus and balance. A strong vocal can be heard throughout, conveying the lyrics in a perfect way.

Regarding the track, margø comments: ”fool is about not letting toxic people hold power over you. This song is written from the perspective of facing someone who has continually treated you poorly, and finally finding the courage to cut them out of your life. This song is meant to empower anyone who has ever been in a dynamic where they were taken for granted – and remind them that they are worth more than how that person made them feel.”

margø offers another honest song with fool. Besides being timeless and different from anything you’ve heard before, I find it truly compelling.