Introducing: Emmi – Drum

Photo credit: Darren Skene

Drum by UK-born, Australia-raised, New York-based singer-songwriter Emmi can be considered to be innovative music. As a result of its high-quality production, this song offers an exceptionally unique sound. Authenticity is key here. Emmi’s voice has a rich tone throughout the song. It’s clear that her lyrics are absolutely timeless. The chorus stands out as well.

Drum is the first offering from Emmi’s forthcoming concept project Players – a collection of epic pop songs inspired by the characters of Shakespeare’s plays, but repurposed for our times. Especially after hearing this single, which displays different creative skills, I’m looking forward to it.

Emi explains: “This song is really a message to myself – ‘Step into the spotlight, don’t be so shy’. I’ve wasted years feeling too anxious to be myself in my work for fear of opinions of people I don’t even know. This single is me shaking that shit off and saying…’Fuck it. We may not have tomorrow. So this is me! With orchestras!”

A video was filmed for Drum, which you can watch below. It reflects the song’s message nicely.