Introducing: Fickle Friends – Won’t Hurt Myself

Last Friday, British band Fickle Friends released their new EP, Weird Years (Season 2), which is full of good music. Already checked out Won’t Hurt Myself? The track’s elemental beats, soaring synths, and serrated guitars add a lot of energy to the sound. Voices have an authentic tone, and soar over them effortlessly. Whenever you hear a chorus like this, you’re immediately captivated.

Won’t Hurt Myself reflects on when relationships end and you can’t help but criticise every decision you made,” says Natti.“Did I jump in too fast? Why did I let myself get hurt for so long? Your heart aches so much you can’t feel anything else. You are numb.”

The music Fickle Friends makes is always brilliant, and that’s what makes them so unique. Won’t Hurt Myself offers strong storytelling and music production. Stream below!