Introducing: Niia – If I Should Die ft. Girl Ultra

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Niia’s new EP, If I Should Die, will be available on June 4th. The project’s title track was released last Friday, and features Girl Ultra. I really like the beat, which becomes almost hypnotic, and consistently keeps a guitar catchy melody. Vocals are soulful, and totally in tune with their surroundings.

Having executive produced every track and directed every music video, If I Should Die follows Niia as she finds her creative independence. She’s not just on screen, she’s also behind-the-camera, pulling the strings, and playing god with the emotions of any voyeur curious enough to listen, watch, and feel. She’s completely tapped in, yet wholly removed from this world. Rather, she’s sequestered in her own kingdom of doubt, anxiety, lust, karma, and sense of self.

This song by Niia and Girl Ultra is likely to be one of the most unique tracks of 2021. Once again, both artists showcased how they create a sense of authenticity in their music. Check out If I Should Die below!