Introducing: Gi – Beleave Me (Don’t)

Last year, Atlanta-born Texas resident Gi released, Beleave Me (Don’t). Many creative elements are included in this mellow R&B tune. Because the beat adds layers of depth to the music, I appreciate it a lot. A catchy melody makes the sound timeless. Crisp vocals convey the lyrics perfectly.

Regarding the track, Gi comments: ”This song is about a past experience with a lover. Wanting intimacy but avoiding commitment and vulnerability, leading someone on out of indecisiveness, and a bit of manipulation. The hook at 1:01, says “beleave me… just leave me.” This is a pun, to emphasize the lies and irony when I tell my lover to leave me and I need them to believe that’s what’s best for them. But deep down, I don’t want them to leave me, despite the toxicity.”

Gi displays her ability to make hits once again. The story and production of Beleave Me (Don’t) will keep your attention. Stream below!