Introducing: Vân Scott – What’s Coming Next?

Sought-after Hollywood session singer Scott Oatley, aka Vân Scott, shares new single, What’s Coming Next?. Listeners will be drawn in by its cinematic and compelling sound. Genuine messages are conveyed through carefully crafted lyrics. A lot of thought and depth can be found here. Vocals are excellent at delivering each line.

Regarding the track, Scott comments: ”I wrote What’s Coming Next? out of my frustration and anxiety about the future. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic took over, I was wondering about this question. I left my full-time church job in 2018 to devote myself wholeheartedly to my writer/artist career, and I was growing impatient, wondering where all of this was going – if anywhere.”

I highly appreciate the originality and innovation displayed within this song. Definitely worth checking out below!