Introducing: Alexia Chambi – blood between my thighs

Singer-songwriter Alexia Chambi shares, blood between my thighs, the first single single from her upcoming EP. Its sound is soulful, with a few elements of pop mixed in. Unique vocals drive the music forward. Listeners will feel empowered after listening to the lyrics.

The record speaks up against an outdated view of women and with a soft and strong-willed approach, it calls on a future where femininity and masculinity can co-exist as equally valuable and powerful. Alexia says: ‘I’ve often felt that women have to portray a very masculine energy to be taken serious in professional situations. With this song, I want to shed light on the fact that one can be just as ambitious and professional, with a more feminine and soft approach.’

The messages Alexia conveys are inspirational and super relevant. Music that deserves credit for its thoughtfulness. Check out blood between my thighs below!