Introducing: Ivohé – MIRA

Ivohé is an emerging German-Venezuelan artist based between London and Berlin. Her new single, MIRA, that was released just Friday, combines elements of pop and R&B. A crisp vocal performance captures Ivohé’s authenticity. Here, she sings well and conveys each line to perfection. This production will amaze you from the very beginning.

MIRA (spanish for: look!) is a bouncy yet sombre track about the paralysis one can feel when embarking the journey of dealing with a new romantic interest and the complexity of certain traits we dislike about ourselves, often projecting these onto the other person as well. The lyrics tell this story – Ivohé overcoming her doubts and fears in search for the reciprocation of her affection and commitment.

An accompanying visual is available for the song. Nicolai Junkers filmed it, and Ivohé edited the video herself. Also worth checking out below!