Introducing: Telenova – Tranquilize

Telenova, which consists of Angeline Armstrong, Joshua Moriarty, and Edward Quinn, make cinema for your ears. Their latest single, Tranquilize, is brilliant. Stunningly produced, different, but still accessible. Multiple creative skills of the group are highlighted by the beat. A strong voice delivers the lyrics in a unique manner. Pay attention to the chorus, as it contains some catchy elements.

Regarding the track, Angeline commented: “I was actually flicking through a thesaurus and the word ‘Tranquilize’ jumped out at me, it just rang so nicely on the tongue and was so inherently visceral. I was humming gibberish over the hypnotic Rhodes chords that Josh had laid down, and we heard what sounded like ‘Poseidon’s on the water’ – it was the first time in a writing session with Ed and Josh, and the first time I’d been in a writing session where a poetic, literary lyric idea like that wasn’t shunned and coined as ‘unrelatable’. It resonated. We followed the thread, playing into Siren mythology as a metaphor for falling in love – the power of attraction to transfix and tranquilize you.”

Check out Tranquilize below!