Introducing: Hannah Kelly – Ocean Brain

Hannah Kelly’s music will amaze you from the first note she sings. In Ocean Brain, there are several elements that together form a phenomenal pop song. In addition to being unique, the sound keeps moving, particularly during the chorus. The lyrics add layers of thoughtfulness and showcase Hannah’s writing skill once again. The Irish/Swiss artist successfully conveys her message.

A visual accompanies the song. Hannah says: ”A crowdfunding campaign made this wonderful under-water music video possible. With a small team we were able to shoot this video in spite of the lockdown at the start of the year. We were lucky to film in the beautiful castle Hünegg in Switzerland.”

The 12 year old synchronized swimmer, Pia, plays ‘young Hannah’ and represents the whirlwind of inner emotions that Hannah becomes aware over the course of the video.

Ocean Brain stands out when it comes to production. Check it out below!