Introducing: Morgan Houston – Not Quite Yet & Killing Me

Up-and-coming Australian artist Morgan Houston debuted in May with Not Quite Yet. She released her sophomore single, Killing Me, last week. Both tracks are phenomenal and contain influences from other genres. It shows creativity.

Guitar work and vocals are one of main focal points of Not Quite Yet. Blending these two creates something authentic. Drums will join in later. Morgan’s lyrics can easily capture the audience’s attention. This song traverses the vacillation and agony you face when trying to break away from a narcissistic.

Killing Me has more energy, and its synth melody will get stuck in your head. An anthem for the summer that’s perfect for dance-pop fans. The chorus stands out. Morgan says: ”I think that there’s something kind of poetic in that as it symbolises breaking free and being heard which is what the song celebrates in the context of acknowledging the destructive nature of a relationship.”

Listen below!