Introducing: Marian Hill ft. Yung Baby Tate – oOo that’s my type

Marian Hill has a new album coming out soon that puts them at the forefront of innovative alt-electronic music. With their latest single, oOo that’s my type, they provide an authentic and creative pop sound. I appreciate each aspect of it. Its gritty bass line and ingenious instrumentation can be described as grandiose. A cool vocal performance and solid rap flow complement the production effortlessly.

The accompanying video sees Sam (of Marian Hill) and Yung Baby Tate traipsing around town, choosing amongst the eligible suitors that await them on their nocturnal travels. Yung Baby Tate exclaims “As soon as I heard the beat, I knew this was the one! I’m so excited to have worked with such talented individuals on this song. I really felt comfortable giving it my all and we had so much fun at the video shoot.

Marian Hill Yung Baby deliver here a bop that will be popular this summer. Check it out below!