Introducing: Bossi – Honey

Wars cause immense human suffering. Innocent people get killed, wounded or displaced, and wars often cause long-lasting environmental damage. Wars also have a devastating effect on the economy. We should mutually put our differences aside and work to resolve conflicts without violence. No other option exists.

Bossi’s Honey is a timely anti-war anthem with an upbeat, roots-rock feel that invokes hope and the celebration that follows the end of conflict. The lyrics aim to portray an optimistic view of the future. They envision a world where peace has been restored and all people are working together for the common good. During these troubling times, songs like this can provide some relief.

Do you simply cannot get enough of Bossi’s music? Well, you seem to be in luck. Run with Lions, the singer’s debut EP, is slated for release in May 2022. Expectations are extremely high for this one.