Introducing: Jenny Palacios – Grateful

We all know that feeling. You walk into a room and are surrounded by people or things and instantly, you feel a sense of guilt. You know you have everything you need, yet you can’t shake the feeling that you’re lacking something. You might be wondering what’s wrong with you- why can’t you just be happy?

The lyrics of Grateful are written from the perspective of someone who’s grateful for what they have but still doesn’t feel satisfied. The song was born out of a time when Jenny was struggling with her mental health. She felt like she had to put on a brave face for the people she loved.

Grateful is moving and provides a unique insight into Jenny’s thought process and experiences. As she puts it, “I wanted to elicit a sense of slow dreading numbness, because it can be really visceral hitting these low periods. It’s like everything is a little blurry, faded, and far away. Everything’s confusing but nothing’s urgent. No beginning or end.”