Introducing: Jem – Lost

In Lost, we’re taken on a journey of a man who has lost everything. This forces him to confront his inner demons and the dystopian world around him, which is bleak and dark. The story will make you think deeply about life.

The music video for Lost presents a haunting and beautiful exploration of loneliness and isolation. It takes place in an ancient church with tons of gold accents. Jem is illuminated by a soft spotlight as he sings against the heavy shadows. This brings out his inner emotions.

Layered with undulating electric guitars that call out into the distance as they build and grow into a cathartic release, Jem states that, “Feeling lost is a common theme; it’s okay to feel like that; there’s nothing wrong with it. When I say it out loud, it makes me feel better. I would want people to take this away.”

I think we have all felt lost at some point. After all, we’re only human. Ultimately, what matters is to not let that feeling of being lost keep you from moving forward. Use it as a motivator to find your way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who care about you. There’s no shame in needing a little extra guidance every now and then.