Introducing: Samantha Schultz – Tingle

Canadian-Filipina singer-songwriter Samantha Schultz shares her new single, Tingle. You could include this song in any summer playlist. The blend of bubbly pop/R&B sounds and crisp vocals creates a great atmosphere. Shakers, drums, bells, and more are featured throughout. The chorus is especially catchy, as it’s easy to sing along to.

Lyrics on Tingle are fantastic. Samantha sings about the “funny feeling” she experiences when thinking about someone—for her, this is her husband/percussionist, Trey Macias. Tingle also has an accompanying music video featuring Schultz and Macias in their natural element as a couple: playing music and having fun together.

Once again, Samantha brings us some cool music. Tingle‘s production reflects her unique style, and draws the audience in from the start. Check it out below!