Introducing: TOVI – Hard Feelings

TOVI (pronounced toe-vee) is the synth-rock project of Alberta born, Toronto-based artist, Rebecca Emm. She presents her EP, Hard Feelings. Four songs are included, and each of them provides authenticity. The title track stands out as a highlight. It features intriguing instrumentals. Strong lyrics accompany the music. TOVI delivers them flawlessly, she has an amazing voice.

TOVI said the following about the track: “Hard Feelings calls myself out on self-sabotage. I was inspired by this article I stumbled upon. It was talking about people who often find themselves yearning for someone or something that is completely out of their reach, geographically or otherwise. You get to play the victim, you get to avoid change. It made me realize something in me needed to shift.”

Check out Hard Feelings below!