Introducing: Nana M. Rose – 4 AM

Photo by Jutta Daems 

Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose launched her long-anticipated debut EP, Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds, last week. It contains five phenomenal songs, some mellow, some up-tempo. Combining styles results in a timeless project. 4 AM, the focus track, is cinematic and energetic. The jazzy undertones of Nana’s voice complements the sound well.

The singer-songwriter says: “Imagine closing your eyes and remembering a person you miss, wishing they were with you in that moment. To me, the song is filled with this urge to be free again, to connect with other people on the dancefloor again.”

You’ll find a great deal of depth in 4 AM. Nana’s lyrics have a strong poetic quality to them. It’s among the things that make her music different. Productions like this are exceptional from a creative perspective.

Check out 4 AM below!