Introducing: Nae M. – Identity

Nae M. is a singer-songwriter from Italy. She presents her new single, Identity. There are some compelling elements in the sound that set it apart. From a production perspective, next level. Nae immediately captures the audience’s attention when she starts singing. Throughout the song, you’ll find meaningful lyrics.

Nae says the following: ”Identity was written during the first lockdown in 2020. At a time when the whole world around us was surrounded by silence and fear of the pandemic. During those months of isolation from the world and from the everyday life we were all accustomed to, I felt the need to take a moment exclusively for myself, to reflect, to estrange myself, and to define MY identity to all intents and purposes. This song is the result of an introspective journey.”

Nae’s music is timeless and will never be out of style. Identity exemplifies creative thinking. You can listen below!