Introducing: Yarro – Time Machine

Yarro is a singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. She makes incredible music. I’d describe the sound of her new single, Timeless, as soulful, soothing, and catchy. Without it, a summer playlist would be incomplete. Yarro’s voice perfectly complements the melodious production.

Time Machine celebrates queer love and acts as a reminder to live fearlessly in the present moment. Yarro says: ”Now more than ever, we are glued to our phones, our computers, our online versions of ourselves. We carry around these compact time capsules of our past, entangled with vision boards of our future. And although in today’s climate these devices have harbored priceless extensions of communication and connection, they have also made “stopping to smell the roses” seemingly impossible. Time Machine is an offering to unplug and spend some quality time with a loved one, to stay open and vulnerable, to dive fearlessly into the present moment.

Some artists just make iconic songs. Yorra has once again provided us with some exceptional work. Check out the audio below!