Introducing: Flore – Aquarelle

Belgian singer-songwriter Flore presents her new single, Aquarelle. Listeners will immediately be enthralled by the song’s unique sound. In addition to its pop influence, it has some compelling classical aspects as well. The music is ethereal, yet melodic. The French lyrics are powerfully delivered by Flore as she sings.

This piece touches on the subject of sexual violence and abuse, using metaphors of painting to describe the extremely personal subjects in emotional yet non-confronting ways. Flore, comes back with this song to open up a conversation and create a safe place for those who need it. Pushing this idea further, she is collaborating with water colour artists or aquarellists from all over the world, in order to create a 3D arts exhibition online where said artists can display their interpretation of the subject. This exhibition will go live on early July.

Aquarelle can be described as very meaningful. Check out the audio below!