Introducing: Nora Lilith – Misfed

Photo credit – Kate Dannenmaier

Exuding an exquisite, ethereal and alluring darkness Misfed is the alternative, genre-less new single from recent Majestic Casual signee Nora Lilith. Personally, I really appreciate this kind of music. Despite the fact that it’s mellow, the production has richness and depth. Listeners will lose themselves in the atmosphere. It brings calm to the mind.

”The lyrical meaning behind this song definitely falls into the same theme as many of my songs; an expression of awareness of lost and stolen pieces of myself and a desperation for them to be found. It’s all the things my heart has been deprived of, and all the terror associated with entering the world with those wounds. The music video for this track showcases an angle of this: the frictions between various pieces of oneself: the judgement, shame, and mental contortions one experiences in the wake of controlling and being controlled by one’s own shadow selves. The end of the video represents an untethering from this and a liberated entrance into the world.” – Nora Lilith

Misfed marks the beginning of a new era for Nora. Created with excellence and creativity, and so expressively sung. You can check it out below!