Introducing: Bridget Rian – Pontiac Vibe

Talking To Ghosts, Bridget Rian’s debut EP, is out now. Pontiac Vibe, the lead single, captures the project’s ambitious vision. It emphasizes ethereal vocals and acoustic-inspired instrumentation. I appreciate the authenticity of the sound. A high-quality production like this will appeal to listeners.

Lyrics include thoughtfulness, expression, and heartfelt sentiment. Here’s what Bridget has to say about Pontiac Vibe: ”It might be the New Yorker in me but, I feel like people are always rushing through their day to day. Always running from one thing to the next, angry if anything delays them or gets in their way. When we are stuck in traffic and an ambulance forces us to pull over, do we ever think about the people inside or do we just get mad that we are late to our prior engagement? This song makes me face my humanity and my own anonymity. Where is everyone rushing to? Who are those people? Do they have families? Does anyone wonder who I am or where I am going?”

Check out Pontiac Vibe below!