Introducing: Jodie Nicholson – Why Would You (Go)

Jodie Nicholson is a rising star in the UK music scene. She shares her new single, Why Would You (Go), produced by Tim Bran and supported by PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music Award. Rich harmonies are layered over deep textures that maintain the artist’s vision. Having a chorus like this adds to the quality of the music.

Why Would You (Go) is infectiously up-beat and heart-wrenching in equal measure, effortlessly ebbing and flowing as Jodie takes the listener on a drive. She describes the track in the following way: ”It’s about knowing a relationship is no good for you, but as soon as you see them, you’re like ‘how could I possibly leave?’, a conversation I had with myself time and time again. You’ll hear clips of me driving, talking to myself in my car, which became a safe space for me to voice how I was feeling without ever having to admit anything to anyone else.”

In the future, Nicholson will release an EP, titled Can’t Escape the Feeling. You can check out Would You (Go) below while you wait!