Introducing: Anja Kotar – Love Song

Anja Kotar has released a series of singles over the past 12 months that tackle modern day issues such as online dating, toxic beauty standards, and our generation’s relationship with technology. Her latest release, Love Song, captivates. As a result of its mellowness and expressiveness, I consider this song to be a masterpiece. The crystal-clear production consists of some great pop elements, blending perfectly with a stellar vocal.

Anja elaborated on the release: ”With not much else to do during quarantine, I started watching a lot of films (mostly romantic comedies) and started fantasizing about the perfect meet-cute. I’m a huge romantic and I always envisioned love like in the movies – deep and authentic, finding your ‘the one’ person in the most magical, beautiful way. I started writing Love Song as sort of my thesis on how I view love, how I one day hope it turns out for me. I sent the demo to my friend and producer Dimitri Morris, and a few days later, he came back with this dreamy, almost Disney princess-like instrumental that can now be heard in the song. I hope that one day I get to play this to my husband and say: ‘see, I always knew it would be like this’.”

Anja is one of those artists who always make iconic music. You can check out Love Song below!