Introducing: Nina Baumer – Push & Pull

Photo by Eli Chavez

Nina Baumer is a Chicago-born and Australia-raised singer-songwriter with some noteworthy work to her name. Two weeks ago, she shared her debut EP, Push & Pull. These five songs are all masterfully produced and exhibit unique vocals and strong lyricism. The title track, which opens the project, welcomes listeners in a spectacular way. Aside from its brilliant verses, Bad Excuse also offers a cool chorus. Everyone will sing along as soon as they hear it. Breakdown, Baby incorporates some Rock elements, making the song really unique. The bassline of Over Thinking is musically inventive, and supports the more melodic components perfectly. What Happens In Love has a less energetic pace, but places a big emphasis on Nina’s performance, evoking a soulful atmosphere.

Nina comments: ”The EP is a timepiece that captures my versatility; a part of myself that I tried to make fit in but have now learned to love in the past year. It’s a reflection on how important it is to BE YOURSELF.”

Push & The Pull highlights Nina’s innovative spirit. You can check it out below!