Introducing: Maya Malkin – Seriously?

Photo credit: Mrs. Makaveli

Since Maya Malkin launched her solo project in 2020, her career has developed rapidly. Earlier this week, she shared another excellent alt-pop single, Seriously?. The beat provides a perfect backdrop for the glittering vocal performance. Songwriting of this caliber inspires. Since it’s empowering and uplifting, it will be praised by listeners.

The singer-songwriter comments: “Seriously? celebrates femininity and is about wanting to be taken seriously as a woman, whether that be romantically, as a musician, or as a human being in general.” She adds: “It’s about valuing yourself, your time, your energy, tapping into your female power, and not letting anything or anyone get in the way of the life you want and deserve.”

The future of Malkin looks brighter than ever with an album coming up and more music on the way. Listen to Seriously? below!