Introducing: Andreas Vey – Bigger Than Us

On August 20th, Andreas Vey released his new song Bigger than Us on Humming Records. It’s a dynamic, exciting indie pop song that pays homage to art and music, two things that reveal feelings we might otherwise hide.

In the instrumental, we can hear light Pop Rock influences, along with some catchy melodies. A soothing performance successfully brings the lyrics to life. I’d like to underline that the last section is particularly noteworthy because it takes a mellower approach and ends the piece with a graceful conclusion.

Andreas says the following about the track: “I believe that there’s something that transcends the human mind and our obsession with logically understanding everything. That there’s magic in things like falling in love, music, art, when suddenly the hairs on the back of our neck stand up and we feel inspired. Music has always given me access to feelings that would’ve remained secret to me otherwise. Through music I can express the things I simply can’t express logically or with words. There are some things I might never know logically, but I can try to catch a glimpse of it with the music I write.”

Andreas’ EP, Some Things I Might Never Know, will be released this fall. Bigger Than Us exhibits brilliant musicianship already. Check it out below!