Introducing: Anna Rune – Stereopticon

For Monumental People is the title of Anna Rune’s upcoming record. These new songs feature a more modern and impulsive tone, in the style of Neo-Romantic Pop. Anna’s lyrical and sometimes dark songwriting receives a layer of optimism with bouncing basslines, driving rhythms, and analog synthesizers.

Her most recent single, Stereopticon, released last Friday, is something you don’t want to miss. After a mellow opening, the sound moves into a more lively arrangement, strengthening its effect on the listener.

Anna wrote this song for her best friend Anne. She describes the track in the following way, ”Stereopticon means: a slide projector that combines two images to create a three-dimensional effect, or makes one image dissolve into another. When you put me and her together, we create a sort of energy that is infectious to others. It sounds like a rainy summer morning, when all you have to do is read a book by the window.”

Check out Stereopticon below!