Introducing: Beryl Anne – Thirty-Three Times


With her song Thirty-Three Times, Rotterdam-based artist Beryl Anne offers an ode to uncertainty. Its sound can be compared to Emily King and HAIM. Layered synthesizers and masterful drums are noticeable on this production. For 3 minutes, you’ll think you’re in the 80s.

Thirty-three is the sum of the numbers comprising Beryl Anne’s birthdate. “In the song this number represents that sometimes overwhelming feeling of uncertainty that feels like a character trait, as though it’s been branded into my DNA. My constant fear of making the wrong decision is a dragon that I’cw yet to slay. A while ago I started to have feelings for someone, despite being in a good relationship. This wasn’t the first time I had felt I was being forced to make an impossible choice. I poured all of the doubts and frustrations I had felt through this experience into Thirty-Three Times and it turned into a song that embodies the courage and strength necessary to reach a decision that I had been lacking at the time.”

Beryl Anne’s new style deserves acknowledgement both for its precise approach and its unique characteristics. This really paves the way for more excellent music. Next year, Beryl Anne will release an EP, titled Paper Walls, so there’s plenty to be excited about.

Thirty-Three Times is a track that will embolden you to cast off any uncertainty you might have. Beryl Anne’s performance elevates the production and will be valued by fans. Check it out below!