Introducing: Ellis Newman – Overrated

Photo credit: Anouk Post

Today marks the release of Ellis Newman’s sophomore solo single, Overrated. It critiques oversharers and ‘clout-chasers’ on social media. A topic like this will make listeners interested in what you say. Online, where everything revolves around being as popular as possible, it can be hard to remain true to yourself. Overrated explains the fakeness almost philosophically. Newman hopes that anyone with a social media account can relate to her lyrics – and can learn from her song.

The singer-songwriter says the following: “I feel like most people on social media are fake. Anything is about the amount of likes and followers these days. These ‘influencers’ change lovers faster than the seasons change. They befriend anyone who they can benefit from. The constant need to feel validated is found in the currency of ‘clout’. I don’t get that kind of superficiality. I feel like we need more authenticity on social media – not just fake smiles with a filter on it. They’re overrated anyway.”

Upbeat tones accentuate the instrumental. Drums, synthesizers, and a phased guitar are featured on the record. Newman sings convincingly when expressing her message. Check out Overrated below!