Introducing: Leyya – I’ve Been Down

Leyya made quite a name for themselves over the past five years with two highly acclaimed albums, live shows in more than 20 countries, a number of awards, over 20M Spotify plays, global advertising campaigns, and numerous TV and film placements.

I’ve Been Down, their new song, oozes emotion. Listening to it will have an impact on you. It’s all very atmospheric. Leyya’s musical world is made up of organic melodies, comforting ryhtyms, and distinctive vocals.

I’ve Been Down appears on Leyya’s EP, Longest Day of My Life. The de-tabooing of depression is a central concern of Leyya with this work. Not to gain sympathy, but to enable an active, conscious approach to it and to escape the absurd reputation that it is an imaginary illness. The subject is too serious, and especially in times like these, it’s also too ubiquitous.

In their lyrics, Leyya touches on relevant topics. While I’ve Been Down is somewhat melancholy, while bringing a sense of relief.¬†Check out the audio below!