Introducing: Celine Cairo – Overflow

Celine Cairo should put a warning on her songs. With bewitching vocals and spell-like atmospherics, the Amsterdam-born singer leaves you in wonder. She continues building momentum by releasing a sophomore album. The title track, Overflow, offers lots of different textures. There’s a rich instrumental accompaniment, giving the music a soaring sound. Celine adds richness to the lyrics through her emotional delivery.

Regards the project, Celine says: ”It’s a collection of songs about finding one’s place in the modern world, making sense of who we are in relation to nature, to love and above all else, to ourselves. I wrote and recorded it between London and Amsterdam with some incredible people over the course of three years and I’m so proud of the end result of this journey.”

With a new record and a growing fanbase, Celine has a lot to celebrate this year. Overflow reveals perfectionism. You’ll be surprised by this production every time you hear it. Once again, Celine reinvents the pop genre.

Check out Overflow below!