Introducing: Sam Drysdale – Dream About A Girl

Dream About A Girl centers around Sam Drysdale’s vivid dream that brought him a sense of a feeling of happiness and acceptance during a difficult time with one of his relationships.

With an incredibly catchy melody and cool rhythm, you’ll be enthralled right off the bat. Strong vocals accentuate the production, adding some additional flair. Due to its underlying tone, I believe this song will appeal to the majority.

Sam’s words about the song are as follows: ”At its core, Dream About A Girl is a conversation I have with myself. Despite not normally being much of a dreamer, the concept quite literally came to me in my sleep. I had been encountering some tough times in my relationship when one night I had this incredibly vivid dream where I was being spoken to by an almost-angelic woman, someone I’d never seen before. What was strange was that the vividness came from the feeling of happiness and acceptance she gave me, not the dream’s visuals.”

Check out Dream About A Girl below!