Introducing: Anja Kotar – Midnight in Paris

The final and lead single from Songs From Isolation is the French chanson-inspired Midnight in Paris. It’s Anja Kotar’s swooning, swirling voice that steals the show on the EP’s closing track. Don’t overlook, however, the brilliantly arranged production that maintains a sense of subtle magic.

Midnight in Paris will put a smile on your face. Even on a gloomy day, listening to this music lifts your spirits and makes you think about your next summer vacation. Have you ever considered going to Paris? I hope you do now.

Anja sets an excellent performance here, one that’s strong in character. During the final section, jazzy sounds and delicate background vocals intertwine, forming the ideal musical landscape. My opinion: an excellent ending to an excellent EP.

When asked about the lead single, Anja explained: Midnight in Paris is about the celebration of post-Covid life, portrayed as dancing through the night streets of Paris. I like to think of it as a sister song to Tuscany – that one opens the EP and Paris closes it off. Tuscany was written very soon after the gravity of this pandemic started dawning on the world and served as a daydream escape from the increasingly gloom reality. Midnight in Paris, on the other hand, comes at a much more hopeful time when there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After enduring through a year of lockdowns and our lives being turned on their heads, now, dancing through Paris seems less of a mental escape and more of a reality in planning.”

Check out Midnight in Paris below!