Introducing: Philippine – Somewhere Else (EP)

Philippine, a Rotterdam-based artist, entered the Dutch pop scene last year and gained immediate recognition. It’s now time for Somewhere Else, her debut EP, and yes, it’s epic and utterly spectacular. Let’s find out more about the project!

The EP starts off with the title track, which lays the tone with an enthralling intro. Philippine invites her listeners into a world she has created herself. A highly moving pop beat and majestic piano work support the incredible singing here. This song’s verses provoke thought.

Somewhere Else is the focus track of the EP. I wrote it together with my friend Lotte Mulder (artist known as CHARLOT). The lyrics are about how from the outside perspective, you might see things differently than from what they are. We often get to see the parts of people they want us to see and not the parts that stay hidden. To me, this song is a reminder to not always judge people’s behavior, but also to try and be more open about the things I’m going through. The song has been through tons of transformations and there will even be a live orchestral version, but I’m really glad how it turned out,” Philippine explains.

The Cigarettes That Burned The Carpet displays a level of creativity rarely seen. Creating such an outstanding composition is remarkable. In this iconic performance, Philippine communicates heartfelt meaning.

”This was one of the first songs I wrote when I started my education at the music university in Rotterdam. I had just finished watching the documentary about Whitney Houston and I felt so moved by it. Without even thinking twice about it, I went and sat behind my piano and wrote The Cigarettes That Burned The Carpet,” Philippine explains.

I Used To Love You More shifts into a more up-tempo pop direction. There’s solid instrumentation and a variety of funky guitar riffs featured on this production. It reflects modern music perfectly, but it also makes an effort to be very innovative.

”This song was written in Spain with my guitarist Max van Rijs (artist known as MAX HORÁK). I had bumped into my ex a little while before, one I had a very neat break-up with. I realized how after we broke up, I never really took a moment to be sad about it, I just went on pretending everything was fine. But when I saw him, all those unresolved feelings came towards the surface a little. That’s what I Used To Love You More is about”, Philippine explains.

Did You will surprise you with its sound. As the production progresses, it becomes more and more fascinating. What makes this so cool are its quirky details.

Did You is a song I wrote when I was in a place where I felt a little lost and lonely. I couldn’t help but wonder if someone from my past, that I was no longer in contact with, would’ve been the one to understand what I was going through. With that question on my mind, I wrote Did You,” Philippine explains.

With Teardrops, Philippine closes out the EP impressively. It has strong lyrics and well-arranged melodies in all sections, making it a fan favorite.

Teardrops is a song I wrote in quarantine with my boyfriend at the time. We were spending way too much time together ‘cause of the lockdown and it caused quite some friction. After we had a big fight and tried to come down from it, he grabbed his guitar and I started writing down some lyrics about our fight. That’s how we wrote Teardrops, Philippine explains.

Check out Somewhere Else below!