Introducing: Chloe Florence – Ego Pleaser

Chloe Florence is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She grew up in a musical family and began piano and vocal lessons at an early age. Now, Chloe works in a variety of creative mediums, including as a visual artist and model.

Chloe celebrates her amazing musical abilities with the release of her debut EP, Ego Pleaser. The title track has proven to be especially notable. Its production is heavily influenced by R&B/Pop, as it reflects today’s music, making it very accessible for listeners.

Ego Pleaser examines the struggle to balance the needs of the ego and the soul. Chloe has developed a character for her EP who’s so fearful of being vulnerable that she cannot open up to anyone. A key chapter in the character’s story can be found in this striking, percussive track.

Check out Ego Pleaser below!