Introducing: Ancolie: Les flocons de papier

Canadian duo Ancolie presents their new Christmas single, Les flocons de papier. Slow, acoustic guitar perfectly complements the vocal performances. Natalie Byrns and Anik Bérubé both sing flawlessly. They add warmth to the composition. It’s the thing that really highlights the positive energy in this song.

Ancolie says: Christmas 2020 was isolated and sad in every corner of the planet. So, we tried to picture ourselves in a near future and imagine what this Christmas Eve will look like when we finally get all back together. Can you see it? Kissing under the mistletoe! Grandparents hugging their grandkids! Sisters reunited… We hope our song will find its way to many listeners hearts.”

It seems that Ancolie wrote something sincerely optimistic. This will make people’s holidays brighter. Check out the audio below!