Introducing: WE ARE AVA – Give Me That Love

WE ARE AVA makes lively pop music and is always on the lookout for new sounds and lost words. Inner Gardening, their debut album, captures their creative energy and songwriting talent in 13 excellent songs.

Give Me That Love enchants everyone who hears it. You’ll feel a sense of comfort as the sound gets your feet back on the ground. Intricate piano work and some additional instrumentation provide a fascinating background. This song’s lyrics are hopeful and encouraging.

WE ARE AVA states: ”It won’t hurt as much as you think with me by your side. I’ll be there for you. I swear, I swear.» Nonetheless, beneath the surface also lies a longing and despair that raises the question of whether the consolation is really for the other person and why, despite growing urgency, it finds no resolution until the last note. Give me that love tonight. Nothing I try to hide, I swear. Give me that love tonight, it won’t hurt.

Check out Give Me That Love below!