Introducing: Emily Clair – Limousine

Photo Credit Pharaoh Photography

Limousine is a contemplative ballad with an eclectic mix of strings, keys, drums, and vocals. The song’s booming chorus achieves a perfect equilibrium between these factors. Emily Clair sets a striking performance by drawing attention to her powerful voice.

Speaking about her interest in recording Limousine and the meaning of the song itself, Emily says, “When I sing a ballad, I want people to feel emotionally connected throughout the journey of the song. As a demo, this song connected with me because of its message. It’s about the challenges that can come with forgiveness when we can’t forget, and how letting someone into your life can be hindered by difficulties of letting the painful memories of someone else go.”

Emily’s Limousine easily ranks among her best releases. From both a lyrical and musical standpoint. Below you can listen to the audio!