Introducing: Nebno – Cycle

Manon Schlittler, a.k.a. Nebno, combines aspects of experimental pop and ambient into music that’s equally mysterious and moving. Light and shadow collide in Nebno’s work in a universe that’s earthbound yet alien.

Nebno reveals Cycle, the last single from her upcoming album Low Skies. I can’t put into words how fantastic this song is. For a few minutes, you’ll forget the whole world. A sense of relief will overflow your soul. The first time I heard Cycle, I literally put everything away. There aren’t that many tunes that have this effect on me. Simply focusing on the vocals and sound is enough to understand what it’s all about. Details, like the shimmering piano note that surfaces around 4:25, are particularly notable.

Cycle is by far one of my favorite pieces at the moment. It motivates me in some way, utterly astounding. Check out the audio below!